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Mistakes happen......

Everything seemed to be going perfectly; I had drilled out the inside of the mill, created the intriguing (my thought anyway) shape, done all the sanding, separated the top of the mill from the lathe and had the mill ready to turn over to the finishing department with two other SpectraPly mills just completed (above right). But then........

I noticed that the inside of the top was missing something: a cut at a precise depth that holds the grinding mechanism in place; definitely an oh $#%& moment! But that's what makes this fun. Solution to save the mill: I made a jig - pictured above in the left two photos - from a piece of scrap. With the help of a jaw chuck, the jig held the top on the lathe while I etched out the cut - after the fact.

As they say: all's well that ends well. Cut made; piece is as good as if I'd done it in the right sequence and on to the finishing department as planned - well not quite planned!

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