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wood bowls and peppermills ready for finishing

The finishing process starts while the piece is still on the lathe; once the final shape and thickness have been achieved, rigorous sanding is applied going through the various grits - from rough (120, 180) to smooth (220, 320, 400) - yielding a smooth surface to accept the finish.


After removal from the lathe, each piece is hand sanded to remove residual circular scratches prior to applying the desired finish. A minimum of four  coats of finish is applied. Between coats, the finish is smoothed with fine grit (800-1500) sanding and, finally, “0000” steel wool.


The finishes vary; but, in general, tung oil varnish, salad bowl finish or shellac is used for most bowls/vessels with hand wiped polyurethane used for the mills/grinders. 


All works are signed by the artist along with (if space allows) the specie of wood.


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