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artist bio

the artist harvesting fresh wooden log

Jim Parker is the retired financial officer for a medium size company headquartered in central Virginia. His corporate career spanned over 4 decades. Throughout his life, he has enjoyed all forms of woodworking projects – building decks, sheds, boat docks and furniture. Initially after retirement, he worked out of his shop in North Carolina – making Adirondack style furniture and small wooden gifts for friends, including wooden bowls. Currently, he creates unique turned bowls and peppermills and custom woodworking pieces in his shop in north Richmond. In addition, he apprentices with a local fine furniture workshop to learn techniques and processes relating to the building and finishing of custom fine furniture.

artist statement

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed working with wood. I have found that turning is a process I really love – searching for fallen trees, cutting the logs, determining grain patterns and, in general, being creative with a chain saw – all culminating with turning each individual and unique bowl on my lathe. The process supports my logical mindset, stirs my creativity and energizes my passions as each work is revealed. 

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