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Historic Battersea..............

The Battersea Mansion was constructed, along the banks of the Appomattox River, in 1768 for John Banister, first mayor of Petersburg. Banister was a Revolutionary delegate, congressman and framer of the Articles of Confederation. Today, the mansion is slowly being restored through the efforts of some very dedicated folks who want to save its heritage.

Why am I posting about this mansion? Well, in addition to my interest in preserving this historical landmark, in 2011, during a summer storm, two large and very old trees - a cherry and beech - were blown over by a micro burst that touched down in the area. Due to our connections with members of the Battersea Foundation, we were permitted to cut and harvest logs from the fallen trees that became bowls and part of the gallery shown on this site - two of which are shown below, cherry and spalted beech.

If you would like to learn more about the Battersea Mansion, please visit the National Parks Service site featuring the James River Plantations and, the Battersea Foundation sites.

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